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Lunar Rover Slot Car

Ok, it’s time for another weird and wacky post from around the web.

This time it’s the Apollo Lunar Rover Slotcar, complete with your friendly neighborhood Astronauts, what else…

This thing is no joke, and is actually a 1/32nd scale replica, and a is a limited edition model restricted to 3000 pieces. Below is the actual specs and details from the Space Store website :

Apollo Lunar Rover Slot Car

1/32 NASA Lunar Rover Vehicle – Moon Buggy 1970 Apollo XV – Dave Scott, John Young, Gene Cernan
Numbered Limited Edition of 3000 units

Produced in Spain to exact NASA standards. Includes fully working precision slot car (not a toy) that can navigate the Ninco style terrain track with it’s drop-down guide arm. Includes two Astronauts, one driving the other an indepentant figure. Comes boxed in a glossy black hinged case with sleeve (Fly style).

Needless to say, these are rare and very hard to find.


  • Will run on Scalextric, SCX, Carrera, Riggen, Revell, Ninco and Artin 1/32 & 1/24 scale tracks
  • Numbered Limited Edition of 3000 units
  • a very highly detailed replica
  • approximately 5" x 3"
  • comes in a glossy black hinged case with sleeve
  • Visit the Space Store website for more details.

    Racing Grannies – The Ultimate Slotcar Set

    Here it is, the craziest of the crazy when it comes to slotcars. Gizmodo published this on one of their gadget blogs, and is something every self respecting slotcar racer should ignore (but probably won’t!)

    Believe it or not, some people have posted videos on YouTube featuring the Racing Grannies:

    [youtube wBtF-RPq6nE]

    If after all that you have to have one of these cluttering up your slotcar collection,
    you can get one form here.

    Slotcar 07 The Video Game

    In a statement released earlier today, Playtendo and Gamebox both confirmed that  development on the long awaited Slotcar 07 video game had stopped, and that the game would not be released.

    Saeed Rashambaar, the games lead developer was quoted as saying "The game had been shelved due to the inability of the programmers to update the original graphics engine to cope with the complex and impossible to re-create physics of the modern slotcar, especially those created during a qualifying lap on a "Super King Track" by a Group 7 Wing Car."

    It is expected that Playtendo and Gamebox will continue development, and that new technology will be available in time for the release of Slotcar 22, "Punching the Deadman". In the meantime disappointed slotcar racers worldwide are urged to move back to the 3d product, and visit their local raceway soon.