Club Racing in the UK at Ecurie Barnton Model Car Club

Slotcar Racing for the most part is very different in the UK than it is here in the USA. For one, most of the “raceways” are clubs, and do not operate as retail businesses, but rather are based in out of the way places and are usually supported solely by their club members.

The second major difference is most of the club tracks are 4 lane, and they race mainly 32nd scale cars. The cars are usually Eurosport cobalt powered cars with racing in three main classes, 32nd Eurosport as we know it here in the US, 32nd Eurosport type chassis with Saloon (sedan) bodies and C Can Group 12 motors, and 32nd scale Formula One Eurosport.

Years ago there was very little production car racing in the UK, but these days there is a lot of racing for 32nd production chassis like the Parma 32 International and Demon. Some of the clubs also run strong plastic track 32nd scale car racing programs, usually on their wooden routed tracks, but some clubs also have a plastic track layout.

This video is A typical club night at Ecurie Barnton Model Car Club, Edinburgh UK. BSCRA racing is often described as “extreme Scalextric”, what we racers know as Eurosport.

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