2007 USRA Scale Nats Day 6

Sunday April 15th. 4.5" Stockcar

I had decided not to race 4.5" Stockcar before the nats, so this was to be my day to get my cars built and tested for my favorite part of the nats, the faster cars on the flat track. After the late night before I took the opportunity to sleep in a little, and only got into the raceway at 9am. A late start compared to the 7am every other day.

Brian Saunders had built my GT12 chassis earlier in the week, but I had not had time to assemble it so this was this first job on sunday. He finished off my 32nd Euro chassis on saturday, so that needed assembling as well, while my 24th Euro chassis was still to be built, but I would have that built by Brian by the end of sunday. It was interesting to watch Brian building the chassis. I have done a lot of building of all kinds of chassis over the years, including scratchbuilt and Euro chassis, but Brian knows his chassis so well he is just amazingly quick at putting them together.

With only 7 entries in the Expert 4.5" race it was no surprise to see Duran Trujillo slither his way to a repeat of his 2006 win, congratulations Duaran!

I got my 12 put together and hit the track with it. Being the first time I had run the 2006 BSP chassis I was delighted how well it handled and stuck to the track. I ran through a number of motors, looking for a smooth one, rather than the usual struggle to find horsepower. Brian and I tested various combinations of bodies and chassis setups, and finally agreed that we had some pretty awesome cars for the next days racing.

My 32nd Eurosport also hit the track for the first time in the afternoon, and it too was smooth and handled well. I tested a few motors before settling on racing a motor that Monty Ohren (of Best O The West) and I have been experimenting with. It is a 38 of 27 wound by Monty. It was very smooth and fast, and the same one I had run at the last Euro race I went to at Rhonert Park a few weeks earlier.

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