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2007 Australian HO Championships

2007 Australian HO Championships.

Now here is something a little different.

The 2007 Australian HO Championships were held recently in New South Wales in Australia

They were held in Port McQuarrie, a resort like town many hours driving north of Sydney.

Just like with our 24th scale cars, top line HO cars are way too fast for the camera, so you will see a lot of blurs as the cars speed by.

[youtube 871S_32f6TA]

2000 Wing Nats Buena Park

2000 USRA Wing Nats Main

Below are links to a John Ford video of the 2000 Wing Nats at Buena Park.

Turning 1105 laps this was another Beuf win.

Gugu from Brazil was 2nd with Mike Swiss in 3rd.

A great piece of film, and summary of the main event.

[youtube sBk2rQ6jXTg]