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Interesting and Unique trophies I have in my trophy collection from racing over the years.

Trophies from Norcal 06-07

My trophies form NorCal SCRA in 2006-2007This is the first in a series of posts I am going to do showing some of the great trophies I have been fortunate to win over the years. There are a lot of traditional plaques and trophies, but there are also some cool unique trophies.

So here we go.

The first ones are the newest ones I have. From September 2006 through to May 2007 Monty Ohren of best O The West and myself visited Northern California each month, racing in the Nor Cal SCRA series. Right now I don’t think there is another series in the US attracting more entries, with most days being 160 plus entries. They race 4" Stockcar, 4.5" Trucks, LMP and GT12 all on the same day, with several driver classification thrown in to mix things up.

With all the traveling I decided to only run three classes, 4" Stockcar (as Monty had his new Big Armatures that we wanted to race), LMP and GT 12. Competition was tough all year, and although I won the season Championships for all three classes I entered, all three Championships went down to the last round, and in the case of LMP I had to finish well, while in GT12 I had to win to take the title.

For this first post on trophies, you can see the trophies form NorCal are some nice "3D" plaques, which are hanging on my wall.