2007 Wing World Championships – Practice Continues

It’s now Tuesday May 15th, and practice continues as the event rolls into it’s first race tomorrow, for Group 27 Light.

The Group 27 light is not a class normally raced in the US, so it will be interesting to see how many racers sign up for this one. Basically it is a class for single magnet Group 27 powered cars, using a steel chassis, and is run in sprayglue only, no messy glue here!  After the locals have raced in this class for the first time, who knows, we might see more of this class here in the US.

As for my buddy Tim Tyler, he continues to test and get ready for the racing later in the week. He will race 1 Motor Open on Thursday, Group 27 on Saturday and of course will run Big Dog Group 7 on Sunday in the feature event, the Group 7 World Championship. As for me, I will only run the 1 Motor Open race on Thursday, using the car that Tim raced in the warmup races last Saturday, so at least I know it goes around the track.

The international racers continue to arrive at Buena Park Raceway, yesterday saw the ever popular Gugu arrive from Brazil, along with the rest of the Brazillian racers. Reggie Coram has been in town for a few days, as have Michael Sillen and Stefan Tordfeld from Sweden.  More racers will be arriving day by day, with a lot of the US racers arriving on Friday. This will be one of the biggest Wing races for a long time in the US.

More over the next couple of days.